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Trash & Recycling

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Trash & Recycling

Curbside Trash & Recycling pickup from a company you already know and trust!

Recycling Requirements

Certain cities and towns require recycling.  For those locations you must purchase Trash AND Recycling.  

Terms & Conditions

*The homeowner/renter is responsible for the totes.  If the tote is damaged or destroyed and needs to be replaced (other than normal wear and tear), there is a replacement fee of $85 per tote**

**If you pay for your service with a check and the check bounces, we will charge you $35 for each occurrence**

**If you are set up with ACH and your account has insufficient funds, we will charge you $10 for each occurrence**

**If you are setup to pay automatically with a credit card and it declines you will be charged $2 per occurence.**

***On days your pickup is scheduled, please have totes facing the road (arrow toward road) and keep totes about 1 foot apart. Please have totes curbside before 7AM on scheduled pickup day***

Thank you for choosing Pioneer Valley Waste Solutions as your trusted trash and recycling provider!